Supplements to Improve Circulation – Top 10 Choices!

Supplements to Improve Circulation

There are many ways to improve circulation that has been depressed due to a lack of exercise, occupation that promotes a sedentary nature and even from some health conditions. Devices like a circulation booster are popular, as are compression garments and circulation socks. There are even foods and herbs for circulation that are thought to increase the body’s ability to pump blood throughout. And while socks and teas are a largely ineffective means to unclog arteries that may be responsible for decreased circulatory function, studies have shown that there are effective home treatment options to improve circulation. One such solution is supplements to improve circulation, and there are many choices on a market to choose from. So, whether you are looking to stave off erectile dysfunction or reduce recurrences of Raynaud’s disease with a supplement, check out this top ten list first for some of the best choices!

Cocoa Via Daily Cocoa Extract1. Cocoa Via Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement: Harnessing the power of flavonoids found in dark chocolate, this supplement option is thought to help provide a boost to circulatory function. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate that are present in the supplement are purported to help poor circulation by promoting blood vessel flexibility and promoting healthy expansion.

Dr. Christopher's Blood Circulation Formula2. Dr. Christopher’s Blood Circulation Formula: Of all the supplements to improve circulation, this option from Dr. Christopher’s may be one of the most popular. Featuring parsley, cayenne pepper, ginger root and goldenseal, the formula is chock full of natural remedies for poor blood circulation.

Circulation Essentials Varicose Vein Formula3. Circulation Essentials Varicose Vein Formula: This supplement option is targeted towards reducing the symptoms of circulatory woes including pain, aching and numbness. Natural compounds that comprise the formula are touted to help boost circulatory function in the legs and also provide another added bonus – promoting the good health of veins and capillaries.

Venastat Natural Leg Vein Health Capsules4. Venastat Natural Leg Vein Health Capsules : An all natural choices amongst options for supplements to improve circulation, Venastat is comprised of horse chestnut extract, and has been proven in clinical studies to promote vein health as well as improve circulatory function.

Nature’s Way Ginger Root5. Nature’s Way Ginger Root: The body can benefit from ginger in numerous ways, but the well known herbal remedy is also thought to be a useful poor circulation treatment as well. This product from Nature’s Way also relaxes muscles and can aid in digestion too.

Nature’s Way Leg Veins6. Nature’s Way Leg Veins: Another Nature’s Way product dedicated solely to improving the condition of veins in the legs, this product supports circulation and also promotes healthy vascular walls by inducing collagen production. The product contains butcher’s broom root, cayenne, grape seed, horse chestnut and dandelion leaf.

Now Foods Celery Circulation7. Now Foods Celery Circulation: Not all supplements to improve circulation take advantage of celery seed, the common pantry item that is thought to help boost blood flow. This vegetarian product from Now Foods also employs the use of horse chestnut and hawthorn extract as well.

Dr. Whitaker’s Neurovascular Support8. Dr. Whitaker’s Neurovascular Support: Boosting microcirculation to all parts of the body, this product from Dr. Whitaker’s claims to be able to warm fingers and toes is an as little as thirty minutes, while also deactivating glycation end products which can have an adverse effect on circulatory function.

Solaray Circulation Blend9. Solaray Circulation Blend: One of the most affordable options amongst supplements to improve circulation, this offering from Solaray can be picked up for under ten dollars. It blends kelp, ginger and cayenne in with other ingredients to create a supplement option that is effective and increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Nature’s Way Cayenne10. Nature’s Way Cayenne: Cayenne is another herbal remedy that has been linked to a wide variety of health problems. But, one of the most notable of all cayennes’ benefits is on the circulatory system, which is why it is commonly found in supplements to improve circulation. This standalone product from Nature’s Way specifically harnesses the power of cayenne alone to boost blood flow.

It is important to note that circulation problems can be a result of serious health conditions such as atherosclerosis. This disease is related to the narrowing or hardening of the arteries and can result in serious complications such as a heart attack or stroke. Often, symptoms are not present until the disease has progressed significantly, where greater risks are present. There are other serious conditions like atherosclerosis that can contribute to decreased circulatory function as well, like peripheral neuropathy.

As such, it is important to note that bad circulation not simply be written off as a result of lifestyle factors, particularly if other symptoms are present. While there are many common causes of bad circulation, underlying health conditions will not be easily managed by supplements and vitamins for circulation, and a delay in medical diagnosis can further contribute to the risk of health complications. However, when a doctor has deemed it safe to do so, using supplements to improve circulation can provide a natural way to safely and easily increase the blood flow throughout the body which can lead to symptom reduction and greater overall health.

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