Circulation Booster Machine Review

Circulation Booster Machine

Many people experience poor blood circulation, particularly in the lower extremities. Sometimes, this is due to underlying health problems such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis. Other times, it can simply be a result of a lack of exercise or even clothing that fits just a little too tightly, according to For those who are not encountering circulatory problems due to a health condition and are looking to increase blood flow to the feet and legs, there are many poor circulation remedies to consider. Walking is one option and so is massage. And, there are even some herbs and other natural healing options that are thought to be fairly effective poor circulation remedies as well. But, there is another option that is relatively new that some are trying out in an effort to amplify the circulatory efforts of the body’s blood transport system, known as a circulation booster.

One of the reasons that foot circulation is often the most impacted as opposed to other parts of the body is simply its location. The very nature of gravity works against bipedal beings making the proximity of the feet less than ideal for gaining the full benefit of circulatory processes when things like a sedentary job or lack of physical activity come into play. Revitive – the manufacturer of the original circulation booster – points out that when muscles are not regularly engaged therefore offering a boost to blood pumping, the result can be discomfort and pooling blood in the lower extremities as a result of poor circulation in feet and leg areas. Essentially, foot circulation involves an uphill battle as blood must travel from this lower part of the body back up to the heart, and when it is not aided by the secondary efforts of muscles to help move it along, the outcome can be poor circulation.

The circulation booster is designed to combat both the circulatory effects of sedentary lifestyles as well as the gravitational challenges faced by upward traveling blood. It is a foot bath or foot massage machine sized device that is placed on the floor, with the feet then placed upon it in marked areas. It uses electrical impulses to improve circulation. Through the marked footpads, nerves are stimulated via electrical pulses. In turn, these pulses create contractions in the muscles of the calves and feet, and result in a pumping action, due to the intermittent relaxing and contracting of the affected muscles. This can help to improve circulation by helping move the blood back upwards and increasing blood flow.

The circulation booster has various sensitivity settings. This means that users can experiment with what is most comfortable to them and what setting provides desired results, and therefore achieving customizable poor circulation treatment. A remote control is also included, to eliminate the need for bending over repetitively in order to control the device, according to the manufacturer. The device itself is very versatile and can be used anywhere, meaning that its simple to use at home, but can also be used discreetly in the office or in other places where long periods of sitting are expected.

With regards performance, studies have shown that after periods of prolonged sitting, the circulation booster was able to improve circulatory function in study participants. This in turn reduced swelling and discomfort in some users. Satisfied consumers rave that their circulatory woes (those not caused by underlying health conditions) were alleviated to some extent with the use of the device. Some of the benefits of using a circulation booster include a drug free approach to the healthful management of symptoms as well as providing the opportunity to enhance circulation during periods of inactivity where it would not otherwise be possible.

Overall, the circulation booster is a promising product that has shown some success in maintaining healthy circulation in individuals whose blood flow follies are not the result of health conditions that are preexisting. Those experiencing swelling or discomfort in the feet as a result of lack of exercise or sedentary occupations often find that relief is afforded thanks to the gentle electrical pulses of the underfoot device. However, studies are still minimal with regards the actual effectiveness of the product, and therefore, results are not necessarily guaranteed or experienced by everyone. More importantly, while symptom management is essential when circulation problems are present, medical care to ensure that the symptoms prompting the use of a circulation booster in the first place are not the result of a serious health condition is absolutely imperative. If left untreated, certain conditions that can cause poor blood circulation can be serious and even life threatening. While there is substantial promise in the use of a circulation booster to help improve lower extremity blood flow, it should only be considered if a health care provider has deemed it safe to do so and once health concerns that can cause the reduction in flow have been ruled out.