Circulation Leg Wraps Review

Circulation Leg Wraps

Whether a result of a health condition or simply due to a lack of exercise or otherwise sedentary lifestyle, leg circulation can and does become impaired in many individuals. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, cramping and pain. Because of the natural force of gravity as well as the distance from the heart of the lower extremities, foot and leg circulation is the most commonly affected in most cases, with obvious exceptions such as the tendency for Raynaud’s disease to affect the hands primarily, for instance. This common condition lends itself to many poor circulation remedies. Everything from pills and supplements to compression garments are used by people in an effort to promote healthy circulation. And, while some activities like simply walking can also help relieve some of the symptoms associated with poor circulation, they aren’t always possible, practical or effective enough. One product that is used for this purpose that purportedly helps to improve symptoms are circulation leg wraps. These are designed to mimic the items used in hospitals post surgery and during long periods of inactivity.

Benefits of Using Circulation Leg Wraps

The wraps are used to improve circulation by the inflation and deflation of airbags contained within the wraps themselves. This in turn promotes the contraction and expansion of blood vessels in the lower extremities. This stimulation of the blood-carrying vessels makes for easier transport of blood back to the heart thereby offering a way to improve circulation by allowing the blood to pass through the circulatory system more easily.

Users of circulation leg wraps claim that they are effective at relaxing the legs and reducing uncomfortable symptoms associated with poor blood flow. Most notably, consumers who use the products report that a reduction in swelling was visibly noticeable with proper use per the manufacturer’s directions. The discomfort associated with neuropathy has also reportedly been alleviated in some sufferers with the use of circulation leg wraps. Many purchasers of the wraps experienced pleasurable sensations in the legs, with the feeling being similar to a massage, promoting relaxation and increasing comfort in otherwise distressed extremities while of course providing a means to increase blood flow as well. Multiple settings and various levels of compression and alternation between the inflating and deflating air bags create a customizable experience to increase or decrease the intensity of the therapy and allow users to tailor their treatments to precisely what is suitable for their symptoms.

Circulation Leg Wraps Drawbacks

There are some downsides to the use of this method of poor circulation treatment however. But, most of these are related to the usage of the device itself, rather than its performance. Aside from the ghastly look of the wraps, which make using them outside the home an impossibility, therefore reducing practicality, many users report repeated issues with the Velcro used to secure the closures. Some described them as overly grabby or difficult to detach. Additionally, some people have encountered sizing issues with regards circulation leg wraps, and while one size typically fits all, particularly large users or those that are unusually small may find that the wraps are ill fitting. And, unlike the models that are used in professional health care environments, home based products can be noisy, according to some users. A handful of purchasers have found that having someone to assist in putting on the wraps is useful as they can be cumbersome and awkward, especially for new users to get adjusted to.

Circulation leg wraps can be incredibly useful for improving poor circulation in legs as well as reducing some of the symptoms that can be associated with the condition. However, it is incredibly important to understand that circulation problems can be caused by serious underlying health maladies. For this reason, it is essential that medical evaluation be obtained before attempting to treat suspected circulatory problems at home. Doing so can delay necessary medical care required to manage or treat existing health conditions. Additionally, if a health concern is known and exists, a doctor must be consulted before circulation leg wraps are used to ensure that it is safe to do so and will not in any way negatively impact the health condition that is causing the symptoms. However, for users who have been cleared for safe usage of the product by a health care professional, circulation leg wraps can provide symptom relief and a soothing sensation to sore, uncomfortable or swollen legs, even though the apparatuses themselves may prove somewhat challenging to use initially.