Circulation Socks for Running, Flying and Pregnancy – Top 5 Choices!

Circulation Socks

When circulatory function is impaired, the symptoms are most commonly found in the legs and feet. This is for many reasons, but the simplest is the natural force of gravity. Because it is already a challenge for blood in the lower extremities to get back up to the heart where it needs to go, a reduction in the function of leg circulation can make this even more difficult. And, this can be exacerbated by risk factors such as smoking and being overweight, all lifestyle factors that can play a role in decreased leg circulation. There are also health conditions that can lead to poor circulation in the lower extremities such as peripheral neuropathy and atherosclerosis. Another common cause of poor foot circulation is diabetes, which can lead to diabetic foot, a result of reduced blood flow to the area. Many people experiencing the symptoms of a decrease in foot circulation or that to the lower parts of the legs consider home remedies in conjunction with medical care if applicable to reduce the symptoms that can be associated with the condition such as circulation socks. These work similarly to the way that the devices used by hospitals do following surgery where circulatory function is decreased, known as circulation leg wraps.

There are many choices to consider when shopping for these circulation enhancing socks which can be used for a variety of reasons, and we have compiled a list of the five best circulation socks to consider:

Miracle Socks1. Miracle Socks: Those looking to improve circulation in general as a result of health conditions or a sedentary lifestyle as well as those looking for circulation socks to combat the lower limb altering woes of pregnancy or for travel preparation can benefit from miracle socks, an affordable option amongst these common compression garments. These socks are designed to help combat poor circulation in feet and legs and also to help relieve the symptoms of veins that have become varicose due to their ability to generally improve circulation. Official site:

Zensah Compression Socks2. Zensah Compression Socks: Making a fashion statement is normally difficult with circulation socks, but Zensah has created a product that is both effective and eye pleasing at the same time. Designed with hardcore runners in mind, these garments help to not only increase the blood pumping efforts of the body, but also reduce recovery time following long and energy expending workouts. Added support to the muscles of the shins is an additional bonus and the antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties of the fabric are ideal for runners who have a tendency to work up a sweat. The socks are available in many fun colors, so they are perfect for showing off. Official site:

Arriva Travel-Tec Travel Legwear3. Arriva Travel-Tec Travel Leg Wear: For those with decreased circulatory function, traveling on an airplane can be a daunting endeavor. Pain and numbness is not uncommon for airborne sufferers, and circulation socks worn while flying can provide some relief and even prevent some discomfort. This offering from travel tech is designed specifically with traveler’s needs in mind. The garments utilize a material known as Holofiber that is thought to increase oxygen in the blood. And, circulation is increased with Smart Compression Technology. The product is stylish, comfortable, lightweight and Doctor recommended. Official site: Arriva Socks on Amazon

Sigvaris Casual Cotton Support Socks4. Sigvaris Casual Cotton Women’s Support Sock: Poor circulation treatment can be challenging in pregnant women, and support socks offer a safe and effective alternative to some other means to increase blood flow. This offering from Sigvaris is designed specifically with expecting mothers in mind and features a high quality cotton blend paired with a causal and modern design for mommies to be that may frequently need to wear them. While they are effective circulation socks that can provide a boost to healthy blood flow, they are non constricting and comfortable, essentials for the pregnant woman. Official site:

Vitalsox Performance Recovery Compression Socks5. Vitalsox Graduated Compression Performance Patented Recovery Socks: These circulation socks are designed specifically with the athlete in mind and are geared more towards performance during running and the related following recovery time rather than support for varicose veins. They are comprised of a specific and special material blend that is antibacterial and also ideal at preventing buildup of moisture. Other helpful additions like a padded foot bed indicate how fully tailored to runners these socks, made in Italy, truly are. Official site: