Poor Circulation Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Poor Circulation and Erectile Dysfunction

Circulation problems are incredibly common. They are frequently related to a lack of exercise or physical activity or occupations that are related to long periods of sitting. Most of the time, the symptoms of circulation problems are present in the lower extremities. This is because the blood circulating in this area already has a challenging task to get back up to the heart. When this function is impaired as a result of poor circulation causes like lifestyle factors or health conditions, this process can become even more difficult for the body to perform properly. Common conditions that can lead to circulation problems include peripheral neuropathy, diabetes and clogged arteries, commonly a result of atherosclerosis. And, while the legs and feet are most often the area where symptoms are most predominant, men can encounter an unpleasant result of blood flow problems, in the form of erectile dysfunction.

In health class, pre teens are taught about the way in which an erection works. Upon arousal, blood rushes into the penis which creates an erection. Given the fundamental mechanism of action that occurs during an erection, it is easy to see how poor circulation can easily affect the body’s ability to reap the benefits of arousal. Rush University Medical Center explains that bad circulation is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction, where over half of men who experience the condition do so because of physical, not psychological problems. Typically, this bad circulation is a result of underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. While difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection may be problematic, it is important to pay attention to other poor circulation symptoms that may indicate a more serious health concern. And, erectile dysfunction may actually be helpful, as the condition may appear a couple of years before other symptoms of bad circulation present providing a preemptive opportunity to identify and manage potentially serious health problems like those of the vascular system.

When a health condition is not present, and medical attention has been received in order to rule out potentially sinister and serious causes of reduced blood flow of which erectile dysfunction can be a symptom, there are some ways to improve circulation via the use of home remedies and lifestyle changes. One of the most important of these is the reduction of risk factors. Quitting smoking and losing weight are some of the best long term approaches to improve circulation and also can reduce the risk of potentially serious health consequences such as strokes and heart attacks. And, increasing exercise will not only add to weight loss efforts, but engaging the secondary blood pumping action of the muscles can add a boost to the body’s blood pumping efforts. And, while there are no penis specific circulation exercises to speak of, there are some that can be used on problematic areas of the body such as the lower extremities that can be useful for the circulatory function of the entire body. Leg circles, ankle pumps and walking on the tip toes are all simple exercises that can be performed throughout the day in order to improve circulation and are especially useful for people with occupations that limit physical activity. And, there are also dietary supplements to improve circulation to consider as well. Cayenne, parsley and horse chestnut are all touted for their ability to promote healthy blood flow and supplements containing these, if approved by a health care provider, can be beneficial to overall circulation as well as reducing the recurrence of erectile dysfunction. Dietary changes can also be included that can incorporate more blood pumping beneficial edibles like dark, leafy greens and oranges that help to improve circulation in numerous ways thanks to compounds like antioxidants and flavonoids as well as their containment of vitamins that the body needs for a healthy vascular system like those from the B complex group. Many of these lifestyle changes can help to combat erectile dysfunction by promoting healthy circulation throughout the body.

It is important that a health care provider be consulted if circulatory problems are suspected. This is because serious health problems may exist that are causing symptoms. And, while poor blood flow may be a simple explanation for erectile dysfunction, there are other health conditions that may cause it and therefore it is essential to have a medical evaluation to determine whether or not there is something to be concerned about. While the topic may be embarrassing, it might also be comforting to know that there is likely a medical explanation for the symptoms being experienced, but identifying and managing them starts with identification.

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