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Supplements to Improve Circulation – Top 10 Choices!

Supplements to Improve Circulation

There are many ways to improve circulation that has been depressed due to a lack of exercise, occupation that promotes a sedentary nature and even from some health conditions

Foot Massage Machine Review – 5 Best Choices Experts Recommend!

Foot Massage Machine

There are various treatment options for circulatory problems. For medical conditions, health care from a doctor is required because medications are commonly needed to treat conditions like peripheral neuropathy, which can lead to poor circulation. But, there are also home care remedies to consider like a foot massage machine in cases caused from lifestyle factors or, when a physician has deemed them to be safe

Tingling in Toes – Sign of Neuropathy or Poor Circulation?

Tingling in Toes

Tingling in toes and feet is incredibly common. For instance, bad circulation arising from simply lying in certain positions such as sitting on the feet happens anytime that circulation is challenged due to pressure. And, bad circulation can also be caused simply from a sedentary lifestyle

Hypothyroidism May Be a Culprit Behind Circulation Problems


Hypothyroidism is an increasingly common condition that is characterized by decreased thyroid function. It is more common in women and has a very long list of symptoms. These include fluid retention, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, problems with memory, an inability to lose weight, menstrual problems and skin symptoms such as itchiness

Chilblains and Poor Circulation Connection


Chilblains is a condition that many people have never heard of, even though it is actually quite common. Often confused with trench foot and frostbite, the condition is caused by the exposure of skin to humidity and cold

Tingling in Hands and Fingers When Sleeping – What Is It?

Tingling in Hands and Fingers

Some people are awoken in the night by tingling in hands and fingers. In many cases, this can be attributed to a less than relaxed sleeping position, where the person is either lying on the hands or they are elevated in an awkward fashion

Best Tea for Circulation – Top 10 Picks!

Tea for Circulation

Bad circulation can be caused by many things, and very commonly a lack of physical activity that is a result of too little exercise or an occupation that requires long periods of sitting. It can cause symptoms such as tingling and numbness as well as pain and discomfort

Poor Circulation Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Poor Circulation and Erectile Dysfunction

Circulation problems are incredibly common. They are frequently related to a lack of exercise or physical activity or occupations that are related to long periods of sitting. Most of the time, the symptoms of circulation problems are present in the lower extremities

Developing Varicose Veins and Poor Blood Circulation

Varicose Veins Development

Varicose veins are often thought of primarily as a cosmetic concern. The bulging and discoloration of the veins in the legs can be unsightly and unpleasant. Sometimes, they can be accompanied by mild pain or discomfort as well.

Beta Blockers and Circulation Problems

Beta Blockers

Bad circulation has many causes. It can be a result of a lack of physical activity or from an occupation that requires long periods of sitting. It can also be related to numerous health conditions. Diabetes and peripheral neuropathy have both been linked to bad circulation.