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Foot Massage Machine Review – 5 Best Choices Experts Recommend!

Foot Massage Machine

There are various treatment options for circulatory problems. For medical conditions, health care from a doctor is required because medications are commonly needed to treat conditions like peripheral neuropathy, which can lead to poor circulation. But, there are also home care remedies to consider like a foot massage machine in cases caused from lifestyle factors or, when a physician has deemed them to be safe

Tingling in Toes – Sign of Neuropathy or Poor Circulation?

Tingling in Toes

Tingling in toes and feet is incredibly common. For instance, bad circulation arising from simply lying in certain positions such as sitting on the feet happens anytime that circulation is challenged due to pressure. And, bad circulation can also be caused simply from a sedentary lifestyle

Paresthesia and Poor Circulation Connection


The feeling of limbs “falling asleep” characterized by numbness, tingling and prickling are known as paresthesia. In most cases, this is relatively mild and has no long term physical effects. Its most commonly attributed to position where a person may lie on their hands or sit on their feet therefore contributing to the sensation

Circulation Socks for Running, Flying and Pregnancy – Top 5 Choices!

Circulation Socks

When circulatory function is impaired, the symptoms are most commonly found in the legs and feet. This is for many reasons, but the simplest is the natural force of gravity. Because it is already a challenge for blood in the lower extremities to get back up to the heart where it needs to go, a reduction in the function of leg circulation can make this even more difficult

Chilblains and Poor Circulation Connection


Chilblains is a condition that many people have never heard of, even though it is actually quite common. Often confused with trench foot and frostbite, the condition is caused by the exposure of skin to humidity and cold

Diabetic Neuropathy and Poor Circulation Problem

Diabetic Neuropathy

Poor circulation can be caused by a number of things. In otherwise healthy people, it can merely be a result of leading a sedentary lifestyle as in one that lacks healthy amounts of physical activity or exercise. It can also occur from occupations that require long periods of sitting. However, there are serious medical conditions that can result in poor circulation causes as well. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most feared one

Poor Circulation in Toes Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Poor Circulation in Toes

Circulation problems are not uncommon. They can be both a result of lifestyle factors as well as occurring as a symptom of underlying health conditions. Persons who lead a lifestyle that is lacking in physical activity that does not include regular exercise, those that smoke or are overweight may fall victim to circulation problems as a result. And, occupations that require long periods of sitting can also lead to issues within the circulatory system

Circulation Booster Machine Review

Circulation Booster Machine

Many people experience poor blood circulation, particularly in the lower extremities. Sometimes, this is due to underlying health problems such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis. Other times, it can simply be a result of a lack of exercise or

Poor Circulation in Feet Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Poor Circulation in Feet

Many times, circulation problems are most apparent in the lower extremities, particularly in the feet. These problems are a result of the flow of blood being restricted, which makes it more difficult for the vital, nutrient carrying substance to get to where it needs to go.