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Poor Circulation in Fingers Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Poor Circulation in Fingers

Circulation problems are a common malady. There are both common and uncommon causes of poor circulation, which often presents most predominantly in the extremities like the hands, feet and legs. Everyday lifestyle factors such as a sedentary occupation or a lack of physical activity like regular exercise can be a very common culprit for people encountering poor circulation in fingers and in the lower parts of the body as well

Chilblains and Poor Circulation Connection


Chilblains is a condition that many people have never heard of, even though it is actually quite common. Often confused with trench foot and frostbite, the condition is caused by the exposure of skin to humidity and cold

Tingling in Hands and Fingers When Sleeping – What Is It?

Tingling in Hands and Fingers

Some people are awoken in the night by tingling in hands and fingers. In many cases, this can be attributed to a less than relaxed sleeping position, where the person is either lying on the hands or they are elevated in an awkward fashion

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Poor Circulation in Hands

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Poor Circulation

The ulnar nerve passes through the elbow, under a bone, in an area that many people refer to as the “funny bone.” It is in this area that cubital tunnel syndrome can occur. Because of its location, there is susceptibility for increased pressure on the sensitive nerve that runs through this area

Small Fiber Neuropathy – When Bad Circulation Causes Nerve Damage

Small Fiber Neuropathy

Often times, the causes of small fiber neuropathy are unknown or idiopathic in nature. But the condition, which is characterized by nerve damage to the fibers responsible for autonomous actions within the body are damaged, can often be a result of diabetes possibly as a result of poor circulation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Poor Circulation Connection

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Circulation problems affect many people and often times they are a result of lifestyle factors like a lack of inactivity or occupational hazards such as sitting for long periods of time.

Poor Circulation in Hands Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Poor Circulation in Hands

Typically, when most people think of poor blood circulation, thoughts immediately migrate south to the legs and feet, the commonly affected areas by a lack of blissfully unrestricted blood flow. But, the hands are not immune to the condition.